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Say hello to the night…

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…lost in the shadows

Song Lyric of the Day:  “Last fire will rise, behind those eyes” – Cry Little Sister, L.A. Guns

Movie Quote of the Day: “Are you freebasing? Enquiring minds want to know” – The Lost Boys

Despite still feeling as though I am only running on 20% power, I went out last night with a friend to The Lost Boys Experience at Kirkstall Abbey. I was dressed as Edgar Frog, as I’d poo-pooed Bman’s suggestion that I go as the shirtless, oiled-up sax player from the Boardwalk.


There were many 80s coiffured vampire looking types. There were people there who were clearly not old enough to remember this movie from 30 years ago. There were noodles (briefly) and blood themed cocktails. 

   We mocked the massive queue for mulled cider in the Kloisters, before realizing it was actually the line to take our seats for the screening. Got on the end and eventually found our seats & arranged our rugs & muffs (easy now!)  We had to move a few times, thanks to sodding Blair Witch and her mate with a massive furry collar parked right in front of us.

We pick & lifted our rugs, muffs, bags etc and shuffled further up the row but then bugger me, if Where’s Wally & her mate didn’t do the same. Cue some further comedy shuffling whilst simultaneously cursing & giggling.  We found somewhere with a less restricted view and then blow me if The Attack of the 50ft Woman didn’t come & sat right in front of us aswell!



We had a group sing along to ‘Cry Little Sister’ and then the movie began. We quoted along and geezer behind us kept guffawing loudly at random bits of the film that weren’t funny, but that made us giggle even more.

Once it was over, with the classic line of; “There’s one thing about Santa Carla that I never could stand….all the damn vampires!” It was time for fairground games and an 80s themed disco.   It’s been a long time since I had a boogie to anything by The Smiths or Erasure.  Not sure what the monks of Kirkstall Abbey would’ve made of it all but we thought it was great.

We also discovered that we kicked ass at Bog Roll Basketball & that in the event of seeing a Killer Clown, my initial reaction was to get a photo with it.  A bit like that time my sister & I saw a zombie invasion on Oxford Road in Manchester and we ran toward it, whooping!

Today is Halloween. Literally my favourite time of year.  For the first time in years though, I just can’t be arsed. Think because it’s a Monday and we haven’t had a party this year. My girls are out trick or treating, with instructions to ring if the Mama Mafia is required to come out & kick anybody’s butt!  Bman is at work til 11pm & I am slugging out on the sofa in my skeleton onesie (which I wear year-round anyway) & ignoring the door. I have no desire for a whole new generation of local children to know where I live.  I just want one more day before school starts again where I don’t have to fake a smile and be all professional – especially not in my pyjamas on my own doorstep.

Partying with He Who Must Not Be Named (and cat shit)

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So last weekend I rebuffed a dance invitation from an ex-corrie star.   Last night I peed next to Voldemort* and made potions with Professor Snape.    Another true story.
This made for a relaxing evening, after a day of almost continual washing and cleaning – which included having to put Pepper in the shower.  (Pepper the cat, not pepper the condiment).

I don’t normally make a habit of showering the cat, but she came in covered in shit so I had to hose her butthole clean before I let her sit on any of my furnishings!  Oh the glamour…
  I then had to put a 3rd load of washing on when I realized that the spraying of the butthole had caused  a code-brown splashback situation onto my skeleton onesie.


So hurrah for having booked another Harry Potter & the shitty cat’s bumhole Deathly Hallows part 2, in the atmospheric surroundings of Kirkstall Abbey. 

Embraced our inner geeks and went in fancy dress.  I dressed as Professor Trelawney.
The sad thing is, the only prop I had to buy especially, was the glasses
Everything else was in my own wardrobe.  Convinced that everyone would just assume I was an old hippy, it was reassuring to have several people address me as Professor Trelawney or Sybill.  Shame on the couple of (actual Sneaky Experience) actors who called me ‘Dolores’.
 * Ahem* I don’t think so!

DOLORES                 harry          Trelawney

A must for HP nerds. 

Who wouldn’t want to make alcoholic potions with Severus Snape? (although this one was decidedly more Crystal Maze’s O’ Brien, than Alan ‘you would though wouldn’t you’ Rickman. Dragon’s Egg & spoon racing with a fairly convincing, pink brolly-wielding Hagrid and a few cheeky liveners at the ‘Sneaky Cauldon’ (do you see what they did there?).  Perhaps not for the feather/bird phobic though (Angie B) when the owl lady released a big owl to skim over our heads so close that if you’d raised an eyebrow you’d have lost it!

Another top Saturday night out.  Next weekend… erm.  Quiet night in I think.

Ciao dudes Xx

*He who must not be named was in the next portaloo to me.  We totally peed in unison.