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2020 and in

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NYE 2019, I ended up spending with these beauties…


…heavenly creatures, on the edge of becoming. Two of whom were too polite to read out the swears when we played Cards Against Humanity (yet one of whom still managed to win!) All of whom shared a resolution at midnight to always take more care while crossing the road!


My other heavenly creature blew us out for a house party where apparently she was sick in a bowl and another friend threw up in their own hands!  That’s Malibu for you.  Meanwhile, Bman, released into the wilds of Leeds at the last moment, eventually came home in the afternoon of New Years Day after doing whatever it was that he does when he goes out.

I, on the other hand, fell into the sinkhole that is, the Netflix boxset.  Namely ‘The Crown’.  Not sure how I missed this. I don’t care what anyone says, I like the Royal Family. Without them, I highly doubt anyone would visit the UK, or certainly not as many visitors would come. One of my most vivid childhood memories is of going to see the Crown Jewels in London with my mum and my nanny when I was about 5. I then spent many a happy hour drawing the crown and orb & sceptre and making crowns out of cardboard.

I am halfway through season 3 after two days solid binge-watching. I suspect I may soon start speaking in a very clipped upper-class British accent and setting my hair or taking up horse riding. Watch it, if only to get a fascinating insight into British Royal and political history.

That’s if we haven’t been drawn into WW3 before the month’s end of course.




There on the stair….

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So good news, I saw a ghost this week.  Years of ghost hunting and pissing about in cellars, old buildings and dark satanic mills with my partner in crime, and where was this one?  Running down my stairs, that’s where! 

I was vacuuming when the bugger shot round the newel post and through me on the right-hand side. I saw it and felt it. Screamed like a bitch like Yvette bloody Fielding, mid-vac, then carried on hoovering whilst yelling,DO NOT DO THAT AGAIN PLEASE AND STOP RUNNING ABOUT INSIDE!”


Then of course, spent the rest of day questioning my eyesight and my sanity (no change there then).  And no, it wasn’t one of the cats, a free-floating dust bunny or a local teenage burglar.

giphy (1)

giphy Tangina


Told the Childerbeast later and the older one seems to think there is a woman attached to the ancient chair we have now got in our possession, that used to belong to great aunt someoneorother on the Bman’s side of the family.
It was in the MiL’s bathroom for years. Now it’s in youngest Childerbeast’s bedroom (but she wants it removed now funnily enough). I’ve said it can either go in our room or in the loft.

Meanwhile Hell literally has frozen over in America and it is already too cold for me here and we are nowhere near as cold as Chicago. Hell Frozen Over 

I don’t do cold. It’s rubbish!


Me walking to work the other day down Duckets

And in the UK, plans from the cold war era have been resurrected to evacuate the Royal Family from London in case it all goes apocalyptic after a no-deal Brexit.  It better not! I’ve got a lunch date with Her Maj booked in for the Easter hols and I’m not having it ballsed up by the ‘gilet jaunes’ and people fighting to the death over iceberg lettuce and vine-ripened cherry tomatoes in Lidls around the country.  I’ve bought new Ruby Shoos and a matching clutch and everything – I was even going to blow dry my barnet for the occasion.  Can’t do that if Liz is holed up in a bunker in the Scottish Highlands hiding from the common man.

Stay calm people. (But perhaps get some gas canisters for the old camping stove and some tinned peaches, just in case).

Ciao Ciao Xx