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Still here… haven’t blown away

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Realised I haven’t mentioned anything about half term and our trip to Wales and the ‘storm of the century’ and what I eventually wore at Halloween etc.

So:-  It was half term last week.  We went to Wales.  At one point it was rather windy & I feared our accommodation might blow off the hilltop and into the Tay estuary… but it didn’t, so that was good.  The whole place put me in mind of Kellerman’s Mountain Retreat from Dirty Dancing (but sadly lacking in the Johnny Castle department.)

Childerbeast pretending to look as if they were hanging onto the gate in the wind… but it went wrong & Thing 2 face-planted to the floor.

We also went to Chester for a couple of days.  A 5½ hours journey by train from Carmarthen!  Numb-bum times.  Lovely scenery though.


Went to Chester Zoo and almost had to have ‘the talk’.  
                   “Mum look at those animals giving each other piggy backs!”
                   ” Ha ha Hmmm,, moving on. Look there’s the gift shop!”

Laughing elephant at Chester Zoo

Laughing elephant at Chester Zoo (maybe because it was on it’s way to have a piggy back)

Back in the projects for Halloween (you know you’re back in the hood when the trick or treaters come round on mini quad bikes! )
          In the finish I utilised the sequined frock I bought for 70’s night at Magic Loungeabout the other year and  went as ‘The Death of  a Disco Dancer’ (#Smithsfans)  Not sure the native teenage populus were expecting this when they knocked on the door.  Especially when I went into teacher mode and gave them a dressing down for not dressing up or saying please and thank you as they tried to jip me of my double lollies and fizz whizz.

well it happens a lot round here

well it happens a lot round here

I think I suit the zombie look - easier to maintain than glam make up

I think I suit the zombie look – easier to maintain than glam make up

Bman didn’t bother this year.


Such an attractive couple

Such an attractive couple

And that, as they say, was about that…

Ciao peeps Xx


Undervalued and overloaded

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Name that tune:   “I’d like to drop my trousers to the Queen.  Every sensible child will know what this means” – Nowhere Fast, The Smiths

Póg mo thóin!!

This is no metaphor – this actually is me, showing my backside to Payroll, because there’s nothing I like better than getting underpaid by over 14 Teaching hours!  Meaning that for the last month at least, I seriously HAVE been doing my job for love, cos it sure as shit wasn’t for the money!

If only it WAS me! 

I did once stop the  traffic (in a good way) with my backside, on Bishop’s Stortford High Street when I bent down in a bright turquoise lycra miniskirt to pick up some dropped change. 

If I did that these days I’d still stop the traffic but only when the drivers crashed as they shielded their eyes in terror, or in fact literally stopped it as they ploughed into me like a great big steel buttcheeked Yorkshire wombat!