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My head is so full of snot I can’t think of what to call this post

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I do have a cold.

This is not good news.  Today is Burns Night & I don’t want my Burns Supper spoiled by snotty tissues and the aroma of Vicks or trying not to piss myself whenever I sneeze.


Meanwhile, apropos of nothing I thought I would share this disturbing photograph a friend of mine put on Facebook.  I have not questioned its origin, although I did ask if she had been rifling through old pictures of my exes.

What the actual feck?

What the actual feck?

So many questions I probably don’t really want to know the answeers to.

Also,  please enjoy a glimpse of the last page of a book from school, which is now no longer on the bookshelves in Foundation stage.  Some of the kids round here are messed up enough without being exposed to this.

I'll bet they did!

I’ll bet they did!

That bear in the hat looks as though he has a great afternoon.  I suspect he may also be caned!