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Aaaaand summer is over

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Today marks the absolute, official end of my summer holidays and my return to school.

Unusually (for me) I am feeling as positive as I think I ever will. My main plan of attack is to do my job in a uncomplaining manner and keep my neck wound well and truly in, below the radar.

This may not last.

(I can hear several people who know me well, particularly in the workplace, snorting with derision already).

Growth mindset MoFos.  Growth mindset.

I say less Trunchbull and more Miss Honey, or Jean Brodie (but without the fling with the art master). Whilst also trying to keep my crew of awesome TAs from losing their shit.


Have ‘Wentworth’ style hoody for playground duty & to use as emergency ‘work dressing gown’.


I am ready.  I will not lose my shit (much). I will remain calm (most of the time).  I can do this!