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Cats do the dumbest things (just like their owners)

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Woke up this morning to find Pepper on the wrong side of the window, perched on the ledge, one storey up!   Miaowing & carrying on but making little effort to try & get back in.

Cue, my good self, perched on indoor side of the windowsill hanging my (not long enough) arm out the window, trying to coax her back in.

It was about 10 minutes into this farcical enterprise when the father  of an ex-student walked past & took an interest in proceedings, that I realized I was still only clad in knickers & vest!  Doubtless looking quite the picture from pavement level, where he was now passing comment about trying to ‘shake some treats out the window’.  At this juncture I decided I probably had enough treats shaking at the window as it was.

I tried dangling my curtains out the window (easy now) but the cat was having none of it. Resorted to the treat shaking and she eventually made a jump for it but changed her mind & refused to jump down on the inside.  I ended up rugby tackling her in as carefully as I could without crashing through the window myself.

Window now not quite as wide open, to prevent a repeat performance.

Fortunately Sadly no photographic evidence of my half-naked self pressed up against the double glazing. Unless ex-student’s dad took a cheeky snap. In which case it’s probably all over Facebook.